CB Civil is firmly committed to having a safe and healthy workplace for workers, subcontractors and visitors.

To achieve this CB Civil commits to:

  1. Pro-actively identifying and managing all risks and hazards
  2. Complying with all relevant legislation, regulations, approved codes of practice and safe operating procedures
  3. Ensuring that CB Civil’s workers and subcontractors work in a healthy and safe manner and are not harmed (or do not cause harm to others)
  4. Encouraging worker consultation and participation in health and safety matters
  5. Promoting measures to prevent injury and illness by insisting on safe methods, safe equipment, proper materials and safe practices at all times
  6. Ensuring the accurate and timely reporting of incidents (injury and non-injury), investigation and required corrective and preventative actions
  7. Sharing a commitment to ensure the safe and early return to work of injured workers
  8. Monitoring employee’s fitness and health and promoting early intervention for pain and discomfort
  9. Ensuring all workers and trained and competent in the tasks being undertaken
  10. Operating and maintaining our assets so that they safeguard people and property
  11. Establishing measurable objectives and targets to ensure continued improvement toward elimination of work related injury and illness
  12. Providing effective safety and health programs, training and systems
  13. Promoting a system of continual improvement including annual reviews of policy, systems and procedures

Download our Health and Safety Policy Here

Download our Serious Seven (No Harm) Policy Here

CB Civil is firmly committed to delivering work to the highest standard of workmanship and quality.


To achieve this CB Civil commits to:

  1. Ensuring work conforms to contract specifications and national standards.
  2. Establishing and maintaining an effective and properly managed quality system.
  3. Engaging with and understanding our customers’ needs.
  4. Planning and executing our quality system processes to achieve the right outcomes.
  5. Providing the information, training and supervision to all personnel and subcontractors to ensure the right quality outcomes are achieved.
  6. Ensuring our subcontractors and suppliers meet our agreed standard.
  7. Take timely action to prevent occurrence or re-occurrence of non-conformity.
  8. Establishing measurable objectives to constantly review and improve our quality and management systems

Download our Quality Policy Here

CB Civil is firmly committed to reducing our impact on the environment .


To achieve this CB Civil commits to:

  1. Aiming to achieve a level of environmental performance, which goes beyond that required for legal compliance and other requirements to which CB Civil subscribes.
  2. Promoting environmental awareness among all employees of CB Civil and those working on our behalf to identify and act upon opportunities to prevent pollution and to minimize any adverse environmental impacts and issues associated with their roles and responsibilities.
  3. Include environmental considerations through the development and annual review of environmental objectives and targets by Management sourcing and maintaining, up to date records on government regulations and legislation concerning the environment and informing staff of these requirements, and any changes to regulations and legislation, as they are promulgated.
  4. Conducting our operations in a sustainable manner that ensures work practices give the required consideration to the environment by reducing, reusing, recycling and disposing of waste safely, to minimize pollution and environmental impact.
  5. Identify and implement ways to improve the efficiency with which we use resources including water, energy, packaging, and chemicals.
  6. Complying with the environmental policies of the clients for whom we work.
  7. Implementing rehabilitation practices that limit the potential for erosion and land degradation.
  8. We will ensure we put controls in place to minimize dust and noise in accordance with industry best practice.
  9. Protect our river water-ways by not allowing harmful wastewater to enter our storm water drain systems. This is done by ensuring our contractors/employees dispose of all wastewater correctly and where deemed necessary by using an approved liquid waste handler.

Download our Environment and Sustainability Policy Here


The purpose of this policy is to:

  1. Show our responsibility and commitment to ensure a safe and healthy workplace.
  2. Ensure that CB Civil can work in an environment free of alcohol and drug use or abuse.
  3. Outline the company’s expectations and requirements for creating and maintaining an alcohol and drug free work environment, and for dealing with substance abuse in the workplace.
  4. Provide an opportunity to staff members with a substance use problem to get well rather than provide grounds to terminate the employment.



This policy applies, at the workplace, yard and satellite work sites, to all staff members of CB Civil (referred to as the “Company”) and also includes visitors and subcontractors inside and outside of normal scheduled working hours.

  1. The Company is committed to pre-employment testing as well as testing if transferring to a safety critical role.
  2. The Company will undertake post incident testing for workers who have been involved or contributed to an accident.
  3. Reasonable cause testing will also be undertaken where actions, appearance, behaviour or conduct suggests drugs or alcohol may be impacting their ability to work effectively and safely. This may also include the use of drug dogs, searching of vehicles, bags, filing cabinets, desks, packages, etc.
  4. Random testing will be undertaken across the business.
  5. Employees in breach of this Drug and Alcohol Policy will constitute serious misconduct and will be disciplined which may result in termination.
  6. Rehabilitation may be offered when appropriate.
  7. Detail of this policy including trigger levels is documented in the company’s drug and alcohol procedure.



It is the responsibility of all staff to identify concerns about an individual’s immediate ability to perform their job and take appropriate steps. Where necessary, they will advise a supervisor to enact the drug and alcohol procedure.

Download our Drug and Alcohol Policy Here